6 Panel Cotton/Linen Hat

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Gray's Best Award Winner (2017)

"The basic design of the baseball cap dates back to 1860, but 12WT (a relatively young company that makes angling-specific apparel) has thoughtfully tweaked this iconic headwear. The attention to detail in 12WT’s cotton linen collection of ballcaps ($29) made me appreciate an article of clothing so ubiquitous that I’d started taking it for granted. First, the fabric: the blend of cotton and linen is drastically lighter than a standard hat. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. Second, the bill: these caps come in three different styles with three different bill lengths (5 Panel - 3 3/4", 6 Panel - 3", and Trucker 2 3/4"), but they all feature what 12WT calls its “Optic Black fabric” on the underside. I would describe it as dull black velvet, and it excels at absorbing glare. Third, the button: you know that metal button that sits on the top of most every cap? They got rid of it, reducing weight and improving comfort. Fourth, the band: the headband is absorbent and wicks moisture away from the skin. It’s also incredibly soft and comfortable. Fifth, the clasp: instead of stiff plastic sizers, awkward metal buckles, or uncomfortable snaps, these caps have adjustable, plastic clips attached to a small strip of elastic. It’s like getting a pillowy hug around your head all day. I may have dozens of hats in my collection, but I reach for this one most often."

- Gray's Sporting Journal




- 45% cotton / 55% linen panels and visor
- Optic Black fabric under the visor eliminates glare and reflects no light
- Wicking headband controls moisture
- Adjustable clip & stretch loop design provides a secure, low bulk closure that fits a wide range of head sizes
- Classic 6-panel design with modified visor and tonal stitching
- Two tone tarpon embroidery
- 30+ UPF


Reviews (2)

Steven Charles Mar 12th 2019

6 Panel Cotton/Linen Hat

Great hat... quality throughout. I am very picky about my equipment and this passes the test.

Jeff hargrove Feb 8th 2019

6 Panel Cotton/Linen Hat

I have flyfished for 30 plus years and a good hat is a must. This hat is the best designed and most comfortable hat I have ever owned! The linen is cool and comfortable and the all black under the brim makes sight fishing a lot better with zero glare! If I had to say something that would improve this hat it would be to make it in a few more colors because I’d love to have a couple more!

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