Heritage Camper Hat

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A classic 5-panel "camp style" hat made with 100% cotton twill.  Slightly increased bill length for improved coverage.  Additional twill front panel backer adds some structure and maintains a clean interior.  Ships as a standard flat brim can also be molded to curve based on preference.

- 100% cotton twill

- Optic Black fabric under the visor eliminates glare

- Wicking headband controls moisture

- Adjustable clip & stretch loop design provides a secure, low bulk closure

- Fits a wide range of head sizes 

- Vintage Twelve Weight woven label

- Moldable brim


Reviews (7)

J P Mar 31st 2022

Great hat

I love this hat. The 5 panel hats fit my head really well and there is no big air space between my head and the top of the hat like on truckers. The part where the hat contacts your forehead is this really soft material that never itches, you barely notice you have it on. It looks good, especially after some time on the salt where the color fades out a bit. The little elastic that holds the adjuster strap is nice so you do not have this floppy thing behind your head. I appreciate the small logo. I think the big logo stuff like Patagonia does is silly; do you really need to tell everyone that you fish that much? Usually those are the folks that are posers. But I digress; great hat, pretty much my favorite I have ever owned, going on two years of heavy use and it is still in perfect condition. Wish there were more color options and a no logo version! Cheers!

Jen Sep 17th 2021

Hat size

This is a large hat, not one size fits all.

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