Resist the Rays

Resist ultra violet rays with Twelve Weight apparel. We prioritize sun protection, comfort and moisture wicking capabilities in all our performance gear. Our apparel and accessories are UV protective for your skin's safety, so you can spend time in the sun while always remaining safe from harmful exposure. Our technical products range from 30-50 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) but most people have no idea what that really means and the knee jerk reaction is to assume a higher number is always better. In reality, a garment with a 30 UPF rating means it will block approximately 96% of the harmful UV rays. A 50 UPF rating bumps up the protection to the 98% range. Even our cotton tees offer a base range of 15 UPF which still provides 90% protection. We work to keep our products in the best range for the application without compromising function, comfort and performance.


Our wearable sun protection products are perfect for long days on the water, as well as the many other fun activities under the sun. Choose from shirts and hoodies, to hats, masks and gloves. Gear up for your next adventure and stay safe from any harmful UV rays. We've got you covered.