SUNwt Glove 2.0

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SUNwt Gloves protect your hands against skin damage from the sun. SUNwt Gloves are especially forgiving and comfortable, even when wet. Designed and built to be worn for any length of time without affecting dexterity.  These sun gloves are so comfortable that you'll forget you have them on. The finger and thumb openings can be stretched/expanded for a custom fit as needed.  Check the video below for a fit and best on/off practices presentation.




- 30+ UPF sun protection
- Lightweight stretch polyester fabric feels comfortable wet or dry
- Panel design optimizes comfort, fit and flexibility
- Unique finger finish provides a surgical fit and an extra layer of protection
- Glove self cuff affords a protective, low bulk overlap with your sleeve


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Mike Thompson Apr 22nd 2021

SUNwt Gloves

I just returned from a fishing trip at ESB lodge in Mexico and I used the 12wt Sun Screen, FREEwt Shirt, SUNwt Gloves, and the OCEANwt Hoodie. They were all excellent. I like the redesign of the gloves and the new mask fabric. The shirts were comfortable and very sun protective. 12wt makes the best sun protection gear available.

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