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SUNWT Gloves protect your hands against skin damage from the sun. SUNWT Gloves are especially forgiving and comfortable, even when wet. Designed and built to be worn for any length of time without affecting dexterity.  These sun gloves are so comfortable that you'll forget you have them on.




- 30+ UPF sun protection
- Lightweight stretch polyester fabric feels comfortable wet or dry
- Panel design optimizes comfort, fit and flexibility
- Unique finger finish provides a surgical fit and an extra layer of protection
- Glove cuff affords a protective overlap with our shirt cuffs


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BC Jul 5th 2019

SUNwt Gloves

With my history of skin cancer, I needed a comfortable glove that effectively covers my hands yet still allows free movement and feel. These gloves are like a second skin. You forget that you are wearing them while fishing. Feeling the fly line in your hand is not an issue either. Plus, the gloves cover enough of your finger to act as a stripping more raw/bloody fingers from stripping fly line all day long.

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