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WORKWT Gloves protect your hands from the harsh demands of fishing in the sun on the flats. WORKWT Gloves have film added to the palm and fingers to provide an extra measure of durability.  They are comfortable wet or dry.  These form fitting gloves balance durability and weight so well that you'll forget you have them on.




- 30+ UPF sun protection
- Film laminate creates durability without sacrificing comfort and feel
- Lightweight stretch polyester fabric feels comfortable wet or dry
- Panel design optimizes comfort, fit and flexibility
- Unique finger-finish provides a surgical fit and an extra layer of protection
- Glove cuff affords a protective overlap with our shirts


Reviews (2)

Ted Aug 14th 2019

Work weight gloves

I’m a rural carrier in southern Florida. Too many of us are getting skin cancer. These gloves protect the back of the hands while allowing me to work the mail.

Preston McQueen Jul 16th 2018

Gotta Have - Fly Fishing Gloves

Your WORKwt Gloves were perfect my my recent DIY trip to the Keys! We had to pole the skiff and the WORKwt Gloves really saved my hands from the push-pole - no rough/blistered skin or sun-burned either! An added bonus is the pads were strategically placed to protect my fingers from the flyline burn when setting the hook and that first run - more big smiles. I also have the SUNwt Gloves that I used last year successfully but think these WORKwt Gloves are da Bomb! Getta some!

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